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Honorary Dean and Professor of Entrepreneurship, Business Law and Corporate Finance

Languages: Fluent in English, German, with some knowledge of Thai

Dr. Pulte completed his undergraduate studies in Germany and Italy. After doctoral studies at the University of Oxford (U.K.), he obtained Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) and Doctor of Law (J.D.) degrees from Columbia University (USA). He also obtained a Certificate in International Business from the London School of Economics and a Certificate in International Law from the Parker School of Foreign and Comparative Law of Columbia University.

Dr. Pulte’s professional experience includes working as a media strategy consultant in London, as a Wall Street attorney in New York, and as a foreign legal advisor for the Supreme Court of Israel in Jerusalem. As a business consultant, he managed innovative ventures at internet start-ups, advised Hollywood studios on marketing strategies, and counseled the Government of Great Britain and the European Council on digital media policies. As a U.S. attorney, he advised international clients on multi-billion dollar mergers and capital market transactions, including the largest American utilities IPO to date (the merger of Germany’s second- and third-largest banks), and regular debt issuance by Goldman Sachs, the Federal Republic of Germany, and the Republic of Austria.

Currently, Dr. Pulte is based primarily in Thailand and Myanmar (Burma). He is actively involved in the current reform of Myanmar’s legal system and efforts to reestablish international education standards in the country after decades of neglect and active suppression. In 2014, he succeeded in establishing the first financial aid system for talented and underprivileged students at a private college in Myanmar. As part of his educational activities on behalf of UBIS, he also offers capacity building courses for members of the Myanmar Parliament and teacher training courses for faculty members of Yangon University’s Institute of Economics.



Master of Art in Law,  Head of Risk Management, Legal – Compliance & Internal Audit

Languages: English, Russian

After Master of Art in Law studies at the Bacu State University, he also obtained a Certificate Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), Smart Train (Platinum Tuition Provider of IIA), Certified Internal Auditor completion certificate and Harvard Manage Mentor training course degrees from Harvard Business Institute.

Mr. Phong’s professional 15-year working experience in legal Compliance management level, 06-years working experience as a senior juror of HCMC Court, 19-years working experience in management level and 03-years working experience in direct Foreign Investment field.

Currently, Mr. Phong is including working as Head of Risk Management, Legal – Compliance & Internal Audit AAA Assurance Corporation Vietnam (A subsidiary of International Australia Group) and as Council Member (Legal adviser on insurance matters) Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG).



Languages: English

Mr. Humair Bin Zakir completed his undergraduate Foundation in Law at Holborn College (London U.K). After bachelor studies (Bachelor of Arts) at the University of Karachi (Karachi), he obtained Bachelor of Laws (University of Huddersfield – London U.K.) and English Teaching Course ( Australian International College of Language – Australia ).

Mr. Humair Bin Zakir’s professional experience includes working as an Assistant Manager H.R, as a Legal Consultant/Adviser on retainer-ship, as a Law Associate for the Beg & Hussain Law Associates, and as a Remediation Officer/Fraud Investigation Officer (Royal Bank of Scotland – Manchester U.K). Besides, he is a Law Associate, & Law Teacher (ZH Law Associates – Karachi).

Currently, Mr. Humair Bin Zakir is an English Language Teacher (Elite Education – Ho Chi Minh City). He actively teaches students of all ages, teaches IELTS classes, to plan lessons, to prepare materials and raise good pupils… In 2018, he is an English Language Teacher (Australia-Vietnam School of English – Ho Chi Minh City).



Mr. Duong Tuan Loc completed his undergraduate Bachelor in Law at the Ho Chi Minh City University of Law. After studies Master of Laws (European Community Law) at the Lund University (Lund – Sweden), he obtained Lawyer Training Certificate (Judicial Institution) and Intellectual Property Trainer Certificate ( Japan Patent Office – Japan ).

Mr. Duong Tuan Loc’s professional teaching experience is course Contract Law, Intellectual Property Law and Law on Property & Inheritance at HCMC University of Technology (Ho Chi Minh city). The course Intellectual Property Law at HCMC University of Social Sciences & Humanities (Ho Chi Minh city). The course Tort LawContract Law, Negotiating and Drafting Contracts at HCMC University of Economics (Ho Chi Minh City). The course Australian Law on Commerce (Australian Law on Commerce)…

Currently, Mr. Duong Tuan Loc is an Independent Lawyer (HCMC Bar Association) and Legal Manager (Bao Long Insurance Corporation – Ho Chi Minh City).